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It's not uncommon for teeth with extensive damage or decay to require a dental crown or bridge. At Fort Loramie Dental Center, our patient-friendly dental practice simplifies the treatment process with CEREC® same-day dental restorations. The CEREC method utilizes CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) to take a digital image of your teeth and create a personalized crown or bridge in just one visit to our Fort Loramie, OH office. The dental crown or bridge will cover and protect a damaged tooth's visible part and blend seamlessly with your existing teeth. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Ashby, and learn whether a dental crown or bridge is the right choice to improve the health of your smile.

Fort Loramie Dental Center in Fort Loramie, OH offers CEREC same-day restoration dental crowns and bridges, providing numerous benefits for patients:

  • Convenient and time-saving: Allows for the creation and placement of dental crowns and bridges in a single visit
  • Eliminates the need for temporary restorations and multiple dental appointments, reducing overall treatment time
  • Highly accurate digital impressions ensure precise and custom-fit dental crowns and bridges
  • Utilizes advanced CAD/CAM technology to create restorations that closely match the natural appearance of teeth
  • Minimizes discomfort and complications associated with traditional impression materials
  • Strong and durable: Made from high-quality ceramic materials
  • Preserves more natural tooth structure compared to traditional crown and bridge procedures
  • Restores dental functionality: Patients can eat, speak, and chew with ease
  • Long-lasting and reliable: Restorations can withstand everyday wear and tear
  • Enhanced aesthetics and improved confidence

Fort Loramie, OH men and women might need to have a dental crown or bridge placed to resolve a variety of dental concerns and restore function and aesthetics to a tooth. The more common reasons for requiring a crown or bridge procedure are as follows:

  • Teeth that are fractured or cracked
  • Severely worn or eroded teeth
  • Discolored or odd-shaped teeth
  • Significant decay
  • Replacement of large, damaged fillings
  • Teeth treated with a root canal
  • Dental bridges for replacing missing teeth
  • Completion of a single dental implant

With CEREC restorations, a dental crown or bridge can be created and placed within about an hour. After determining the need for a dental crown, Dr. Ashby will start by applying local anesthesia to your mouth and removing any decay from your tooth. We will then take digital impressions of your teeth using our special scanning software. The 3D images of your teeth will be used as the model to manufacture your crown using high-quality ceramic blocks that match the shade of your teeth. When the dental restoration is ready, Dr. Ashby will position the restoration and ensure it is correctly cemented to your tooth. He will also make sure the crown fits comfortably. With proper care, your dental restoration can protect your oral health for many years.

What Should I Expect After Dental Crowns and Bridges Are Placed?

After your dental crown or bridge is placed, you need to keep a good home dental hygiene regimen. You should also schedule annual dental examinations and bi-annual cleanings at Fort Loramie Dental Center in Fort Loramie, OH. At every appointment, Dr. Ashby will check your CEREC crown or bridge and perform any necessary repairs or alterations to help maintain your new smile healthy for as long as possible. If cared for properly, CEREC crowns and bridges can last for several years.

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CEREC same-day restorations offer a simple way to quickly get a dental crown or bridge in Fort Loramie, OH. Advanced CAD/CAM technology allows Dr. Ashby to digitally design and creates a custom dental restoration in about an hour without any required follow-up trips. Set up an appointment at Fort Loramie Dental Center to learn more about our restorative procedures to improve the health and appearance of your smile.

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Why are CEREC same-day crowns and bridges a better choice than traditional dental crowns and bridges?
Traditional dental crowns and bridges require multiple visits to Fort Loramie Dental Center for fittings. The state-of-the-art CEREC system shortens that timeline to a single visit, where your permanent crown or bridge will be installed.
Can a dental crown or bridge fall off?
Yes, a dental crown or bridge can fall off if it gets loose or the cement holding it in place weakens. If your dental crown or bridge falls out, you should contact your dentist quickly to have the crown re-cemented. The technologically advanced CEREC process lessens the chances of the crown or bridge falling off.
Will a dental crown or bridge look like my natural teeth?
Yes. During the CEREC same-day crown process, our team will select a shade that closely resembles the color of your natural teeth, and the crown or bridge is made and shaped to match the size of the surrounding teeth. We aim to make the crown or bridge look as natural as possible so it is not noticeable when you smile or speak.
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