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Indentations on the chewing surfaces of the molars usually hold onto more food particles and buildup, meaning they are more susceptible to developing cavities. Dental sealants, a routine part of preventive dentistry, are applied to defend the teeth from damage caused by decay. These thin defensive sealants are made of an invisible or milky-colored liquid that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. When bonded, they can defend the enamel and provide a more even exterior that is easier to clean. Dental sealants at Fort Loramie Dental Center not only prevent cavities but could also lessen your child's need for fillings or other restorative treatments in the future. Talk to Dr. Christopher Ashby during your biannual dental appointments at our Fort Loramie, OH facility to decide if you or your child could benefit from sealants.

Before beginning, Dr. Ashby will examine the teeth to determine if dental sealants would be the correct service for you or your child. To prepare your mouth for sealants, the teeth are polished to get rid of any tartar, food particles, and germs from the chewing surfaces. The teeth will be dried, and a small coat of sealant liquid will be applied evenly into the crevices with a small brush. An advanced curing light will be positioned on top of the tooth; this will ossify the sealant casting in about 10 – 20 seconds. When every sealant is set, our team will evaluate your jaws for alignment and provide instructions on efficiently caring for your sealants.

Dr. Ashby removed my braces today and I could not be happier! Dr. Ashby and his staff are amazing !

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Had several implants and all went well. Very professional office. Nice doctor and a very nice staff.

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Dr. Ashby & his staff do such a GREAT job! They’re all very friendly & caring. I feel so comfortable around everyone. This is the ONLY dental office I will go to & will forever be my favorite.

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Dr Ashby and all of his staff are so kind and caring. I actually enjoy my visits. I alway end up leaving with a bigger smile because of the experience. Thank you all for being so wonderful and great at what you do!!! ❤️

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Protect against decay and help yourself and your children have gorgeous, healthy smiles for many years. Dental sealants are a quick, simple service at Fort Loramie Dental Center that can also decrease the likelihood of future oral procedures and make way for improved dental health. Learn if sealants are right for you or your child by setting up an appointment with Dr. Ashby at our Fort Loramie, OH facility today!

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Can adults get dental sealants?

While many people think of children first when they think of dental sealants, adults can also get dental sealants if they have deep grooves or pits in their teeth that are at risk for decay.

How long do I have to wait to eat after getting dental sealants?

It's generally recommended to wait a minimum of 30 minutes - and ideally several hours - after getting dental sealants before eating to allow them to fully set. Following your appointment, our team will discuss proper dental sealant aftercare with you, including advising you on when it may be safe and appropriate to resume eating and drinking as usual.

Dental sealants can last for several years with proper care, but they are not meant to be permanent and may need to be reapplied or touched up over time.
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