Orthodontic Braces in Fort Loramie, Ohio

Take better care of your teeth at Fort Loramie Dental Center by getting the braces you need. Not only will your smile look great, but your health will improve as well. This service involves traditional orthodontic brackets and arch wires which are changed and adjusted throughout treatment, followed by retainers.

When you don't take care of misaligned teeth, you can suffer from a number of health issues. To start, your teeth are more susceptible to cavities, chips, and even gingivitis. But it's not just your oral health that is affected. You can also suffer from headaches, soreness in the jaw, and low self-esteem. Together, these issues can affect your overall quality of life.

Invest in a Better Smile Today

You can make a difference in your overall health right now by investing in your teeth. When you choose to get braces in Fort Loramie, OH, you ensure that your teeth will stay healthy, longer. What's more, your smile will stand out among your peers, allowing you to feel confident, no matter where you are.

Here are some of the benefits from getting braces in Fort Loramie, OH:

  • Have more confidence
  • Overcome chewing problems
  • Reduce your risk for TMJ
  • Avoid chipping & other types of wear to your teeth
  • Get rid of your speech impediment
  • Reduce cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay
  • Re-align your jaw and make chewing easier

Just imagine being able to feel comfortable chewing food with your back teeth, or biting down into an apple without feeling like you're going to dislocate your jaw. When you have straight teeth, you can enjoy the sensation of a smile returned whenever you share your own smile with a colleague or friend.

Learn if Orthodontic Braces are Right For You!

With the different advances in the orthodontic and dental industries, there are a lot of different choices. But depending on your individual lifestyle, preferences, and the condition of your teeth, some treatments will work better than others. Our dentists, Dr. Ashby and Dr. Campbell, can evaluate your smile to see whether traditional braces are the right choice to transform your teeth into the beautiful smile you want.

Ask Our Dentists Which Orthodontic Option Is Right For You

Your teeth are important, and it's worth taking the time to find out what you need to do to keep them strong and healthy. In addition to the reasons listed above, we invite you to find out today how traditional braces can benefit you.

Contact us by phone or simply fill out our form online, ask our dentists which option of orthodontics Is right for you. When you meet with us, you will gain valuable advice about what condition your teeth are in, and find out what orthodontic treatment is right for you.